Monthly Archives : April 2016

An orbiting ‘Microscope’ is about to discover if Einstein was right

Physicists are preparing to conduct an experiment in orbit which will test out one of Einstein’s most famous theories – the theory of general relativity.

The theory states that space and time are just two aspects of a single ‘spacetime’, which is curved by the actions of gravity, matter, energy and momentum. People like to use a big rubber sheet with weights on to explain this, though that explanation isn’t without its problems.

Forget fingerprints: Your brain waves identify you with 100% accuracy

The way you respond to different stimuli is totally unique – so much so that it can be used to differentiate your brainwaves from anyone else’s.

That’s the conclusion of psychologists from Binghamton University, who have developed a system to identify people from their “brainprint”. The accuracy level? An impressive 100 percent.

Why You Should Have At Least 1 Hour THINKING Time Every Day

In today´s complex and highly dynamic world many people rush from one meeting to another, they chase task after task, and try to find ways to squeeze as much as possible into their diaries.

For them management and leadership is like being in the gym, sweating, and working hard to get in shape. In reality, however, they are at severe risk of becoming prisoners of exaggerated expectations, narrow-mindedness, and unreflected rush. They do not stop often enough, they do not take a break, and they do not think.

This synthetic robot skin can detect a bee landing on it

For years, researchers have been working to replicate the delicate sense of touch in robots. So far, the prototypes have been complicated and costly.

But now a team of Chinese scientists has built a much cheaper, simpler version of the technology, which they say could deliver “unprecedented opportunities” for artificial intelligence.