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What does the future hold for ‘killer robots’?

The future of 'killer robots'

Over a hundred experts in robotics and artificial intelligence are calling on the UN to ban the development and use of ‘killer robots’, and add them to a list of ‘morally wrong’ weapons. But with the rate of advancing technology and benefits from the technology, how easy will this be to enforce?

Top questions to ask and not to ask in an interview

Questions to ask and not ask in an interview

The UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, has carried out a new study based on interview preparation techniques. After quizzing 1200 UK workers they found that a huge 87.4% of workers think there are certain questions candidates should avoid asking in an interview if you want to get the job.

Time management tips that will increase your productivity at work

Time Management Tips

Being busy may often feel as though you have more things to do than there are hours in a day. Although we may all wish for a bit of extra time to complete a deadline and deal with all our other responsibilities, if we were all told to simply work extra hours in order to complete tasks, would we be happy?