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Diversity in tech: Breaking gender imbalance

Diversity in tech: Breaking gender imbalance

Diversity is not just an addition to a workplace in order to create opportunity, it is also an essential aspect for any company looking for success and productivity. Although creating a diverse workforce is a challenge for all areas of work, the tech industry in particular has often struggled, with gender imbalance being a hotly debated subject.

The smart home set to help improve the environment

Smart home set to help environment

Homes are getting smarter, with so many devices now available people believe that their main function is to simply make our lives easier. What many people don’t realise is that they can do so much more, and in the long run could contribute to a having a positive impact on the environment, with green homes becoming green cities.

AlphaGo Zero, the AI programme that can teach itself

AlphaGo Zero

Last year, Google DeepMind created its AI programme AlphaGo, the machine that was able to beat world champion Lee Sedol at Go, a complex game of strategy and intuition. Unlike AlphaGo, which was programmed with millions of moves of past masters in order for it to predict and adjust its game plan accordingly, the new AlphaGo Zero has now been created, and is able to learn from scratch.