For many companies, recruitment absorbs valuable time and human resource that could be utilised elsewhere. Here at ITR Partners, our approach to recruitment is thoughtful and structured, considerably reducing our clients’ administrative concerns, lowering their costs, increasing their productivity and removing their operational risk. As well as contingent and retained service solutions, we also provide a total recruitment package through our RPO model, and vendor management service.

ITR Partners RPO allows us to manage all or part of our clients recruitment needs. Flexible and adaptable, we tailor each assignment to the specific concerns and requirements of our clients, while consistently finding ways to add value to our service. As a result we persistently meet and exceed the mutually set Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

ITR Partners RPO clients benefit from:

  • Faster time to hire
  • Bespoke recruitment campaign
  • Cost control through single recruitment source
  • Improved talent acquisition
  • Compliance with employment legislation
  • Assisted Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Dedicated client micro-site for recruitment adverts, news and interview information.
  • Simple online timesheet Vendor management for third party suppliers.
  • Dedicated account management team

ITR Partners also engage in Vendor Management, a highly involved service that can benefit organizations with large scale recruitment drives. This flexible option will allow your business to totally relinquish all recruitment related responsibilities to a specially appointed ITR Partners Implementation Manager, maximizing the time you can invest in your core business.

The process of Vendor Management is complex, and we therefore analyse your company to ascertain the most valuable recruitment options available to you. Initially, we take into account the company culture, existing recruitment strategies, expectations, and the exact requirements of your recruitment needs. We use this information, and our wealth of industry expertise, to formulate company specific solutions. We will supply you with a detailed operational plan that outlines our recruitment process, daily activities, responsibilities, candidate selection, and our management strategy as a whole.

Once instructed, your Implementation Manager will take ownership of all transitional activities, managing the changes as well as becoming the main point of contact for existing suppliers, and any existing temporary or permanent employees who may be affected by the change. As part of our Vendor Management Package we also:

  • Provide a full or part time Recruiter on site
  • Address Transfer of Undertaking Protecting Employment (TUPE), and any other legislative issues as they arise.
  • Produce an Operational Timeline of events to ensure the exact delivery of the proposal.

We continually develop as a company, improving and streamlining our services to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. Our knowledge and high level of experience empowers our clients; by reducing their operational costs and allowing them to entrust their recruitment responsibilities to ITR Partners, they are enabled to commit to their core business, secure in the knowledge that we are protecting their interests.

If you would like to know more about ITR Partners RPO and Vendor Management services please do contact us at our office or alternatively on RPO@itr-partners.co.uk.