Social Media For Screening Candidates

Social media is helpful in many ways ranging from advertising products and services to increasing sales or awareness. On the contrary social media is also beneficial in taking good causes to the next level; we have seen that quite a few times – haven’t we? What else is social media great for? Let me tell, Social Media is significant for screening candidates for jobs. In order to evaluate candidates’ personality, interests, and other traits social media can play a vital role. It has been discovered that every 4 out of 5 employers use social media to search and then screen a candidate for the position (especially in the digital marketing niche).

Social Conduct Is Crucial

Employees are brand ambassadors of every organization. It is crucial to induct resource that can act, talk and move in short represent the company socially. People post random (consider inappropriate) content on their social media profiles. Some are insanely into bad mouthing previous employers and even use crude language for others in social media dialogue. Individuals with poor communication skills and discriminating mentality can easily be spotted by focusing on social conduct over social media platforms. This is a “savior feature” for a company’s brand image before hiring a “not-so” socially groomed resource.

Why Social Media Is Helpful For Employers?

In contrast to some socially “not-so-groomed” resources, there are some professionals who appear as a delight to work with and get connected with. Good personality (with professional / pleasant image) with wide range of interests is a good combination when looking at professional profiles of possible resource. People who are engaged in creative and thought provoking discussions on social media are always sought-out by employers. This proves their advanced communication skills along with the ability to interact at all levels.

Where To Look For?

Social media is a deep ocean, you can explore only when you dive deeper. In order to fish for the relevant and perfect fit for the job position, all you need to do is search and screen candidates through social media platforms. LinkedIn provides a professional detail related to the resource, you can review qualifications, expertise and job relevance from there. From Facebook and Twitter, you can find out about the social conduct, communication style and topics which the resource is interested in.

Take Home Lesson

Companies should always cross check the information mentioned in the resume and applications which they receive. Nowadays it’s very easy to scrutinize any candidate’s profile, as most of them use social media platforms. For candidates, it is essential to keep their profiles free from nasty and questionable activities.

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