Date Published: 7th February 2018

If you are like me you will be thinking, 5G I do not even get 3G!

But it seems that ‘Mobile data consumption is set to skyrocket within the next decade as 5G networks spur on increased usage, new research has claimed.’

With the estimation that by 2025 users on average will consume ‘98.34GB every month’, then 5G sounds like the way forward!

With mobile phones now being more than just a device to call people, technology needs to continue moving to keep up with the increasing demand.

‘Mobile video streaming is set to be the catalyst behind the increase, especially as more smartphones become able to support 4K content in coming years. ‘

‘Giffgaff’s report predicts that by 2021, users will consumer 24.76GB of mobile data on video streaming, a huge rise from the 0.83GB seen in 2017 – and this is only set to rise to hit a huge 73.87GB by 2025.’

‘The report follows initial research from the low-cost operator last year which estimated that global mobile data usage is set to increase by 720 per cent by 2021 as customers use their devices even more, and 5G networks see a public launch a year previously.’

Can you see a market for 5G or like me do you struggle to get 3G?

As always we would love to hear your thoughts!



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