Date Published: 2nd November 2016

Are you forever sleeping through your alarm? These alarm clocks will make oversleeping a thing of the past.

1 – Clocky

This alarm clock will jump off your bedside table, and run around your room beeping until you catch it and turn it off. It’d be a hard push to sleep through this one!


2 – SnuzNLuz

You snooze, you lose..your money. This clock is linked to your online bank account, and donates money to an organisation when you lie in. The idea is that it donates to a cause you hate (such as an opposing political party) but if you’re a bit of a tight-wad, just the concept of having your cash deplete should be enough to get you out of bed.


3 – The Rocket Launcher

This one is pretty self explanatory – when your alarm goes off, the rocket launcher will launch a rocket into your room. The clock will then beep until you have located the rocket, and placed it back onto its launching pad; a sure-fire way to get you up in time.


4 – The Flying Alarm Clock

Just like The Rocket Launcher, this alarm clock launches an object into your room which must be returned to stop the beeping; however in this case, the launched device is a helicopter.


5 – The Carpet Alarm

This one is slightly less dramatic, but certainly a must for anyone whose main morning struggle is just getting their feet on the floor. The Carpet Alarm Clock can only be turned off by placing your feet on it, requiring the owner to physically get out of bed.


6 – Sfera

This radio alarm clock hangs from the ceiling, and can be snoozed with a simple tap. However, each time it is snoozed, the clock retreats further away from the snoozer and closer to the ceiling. So eventually, you’re going to have to sit up and turn it off.


7 – Target Alarm Clock

The Target Practice-based alarm clock gives you a fun bit of aiming practice in the morning. In order to turn it off, you have to hit the bulls eye- and after all that concentrating, you’ll probably be wide awake.


8 – The Shape Up Alarm Clock

This one is great for fitness-enthusiasts. The dumbbell-shaped alarm clock won’t stop going off until the snoozer has done 30 reps.





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