Date Published: 26th October 2016

Are you unsure of what skills you possess that could benefit you in your working life? These 8 life skills may just boost your employability.


1.  Being an avid social media user

Serial online socialisers tend to know the best times of day to post in order to attract the most interest; which could also be applied to a job role which require similar optimisation based on testing and learning.


2. Being the democratic housemate

If you’re the housemate or friend who tends to act as the mediator in disputes, your ability to negotiate and resolve problems could make you well suited to a role which requires negotiation and persuasion.


3. Having several friend groups

Managing several friend groups, all with the separate social schedules and group chats, is likely to make you a good multi-tasker; and therefore better suited to a job which requires juggling multiple responsibilities.


4. Being the thrifty friend

If you’re the friend who has an eye for a bargain and knows how to get the most for their money, you’re likely to be a good fit for a job which requires skills in budget-keeping and cost-minimising.


5. Being the friend who’s in charge of organising

If you’re the leader type in your social life, you’re probably going to be a leader type in the workplace. And every business needs leaders.


6. Being the friend who cares highly for your appearance

So you spend a lot of time working on how you look? That energy can also be channelled into working on how you look in a professional sense; i.e. into establishing a professional presence and achieving credibility with clients.


7. Being the gamer friend

The mental skills involved in solving problems in the gaming world may translate well into solving problems in a work environment.


8. Thinking outside the box

Having an inquisitive and aspiring mind in your day-to-day life may mean you’re destined to be an innovator in the work place. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas for your business or using your ideas to start a business of your own, thinking outside the box is a skill which bodes well in terms of employability.

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