Date Published: 15th December 2016

If your workplace is having a Christmas Party this year, these 8 tips will help ensure it goes well for you.

1. Dress the part

Check out the dress code beforehand – if it’s black tie, it’s probably best you don’t wear your favourite jeans – or you risk not being let in.


2. Be careful of your booze consumption


It’s common knowledge that drinking alcohol lowers your inhibitions – so if you’re prone to outrageous behavior or brutal honesty, it’s might be wise to be careful how much you drink while you’re around your employer and your colleagues!

3. Be sociable

If you’re shy or don’t know many people, try to avoid sitting on the corner on your phone if you can. Work parties are a great opportunity to chat to new people or get to know your colleague better in a more relaxed enviroment,


4. Refrain from gossiping

Complaining or gossiping about your colleagues is likely to give off a bad impression to whoever you’re speaking to – and could have undesirable consequences if your comments resurface in the work place.


5. Make sure you pay your way.

While there’s nothing wrong with being short of money for a taxi or accepting a drink from a colleague every now and then, try not to make a habit of it – or your risk getting a reputation as the office sponger!


6. If there’s a meal, don’t skip it.

This directly links to ‘be careful with your alcohol intake’; skipping dinner will lower your alcohol tolerance and could result in you getting merrier than you planned.


7. Be cautious of who you flirt with.
It’s probably not a good idea to chat up your boss. Or your colleagues. Or any of their partners.


8. Be careful of what you put on social media

Lastly, keep any social media posts positive. While there’s nothing wrong with a happy selfie with your colleagues, avoid any incriminating photos..or slagging anyone/anything off.


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