Date Published: 20th July 2016

Being stuck in work during the summer months can be frustrating. We’d all much rather be on the beach, or led by the pool – and as a result, office morale may start to slip.  It’s important to keep your staff motivated, and luckily we’ve come up with a list of suggestions from the happy staff at ITR.


Get in the summer spirit

Embracing all things summery is a sure fire way to make your staff feel less like they’re at work, whilst keeping them happy enough that their work ethic doesn’t waver.  Little gestures such as buying ice creams or frozen drinks can cheer up staff on the warmest days when they’re stuck indoors – and it’ll cool them down too!


Relax the dress code

If you’re able to do so, allow your employees to dress down a little. Whether it be allowing them to roll up their shirt sleeves, or going all out and encouraging straw hats and flip flops, it’s guaranteed to ease those ‘stuck-in-the-office’ summer blues.


Decorate the office

If you’ve got an artistic eye, spruce up your workplaces- perhaps with some bunting or table decorations. A positive environment fosters a positive attitude, so your employees will put in that extra bit of effort without even realising.


Get out of the routine occasionally

Treating your employees to a break from their usual day will go a long way. Whether it’s a lunchtime trip to the park to soak up some sun, or a full afternoon of cocktails, you can guarantee the resulting lift in mood will keep your staff working hard when they’re back to the grind.


Encourage after-work social time
In addition to the occasional break during the working day, it can be beneficial to encourage social activities between colleagues after work hours. It will give your employees an opportunity to connect further on a personal level; and a close-knit team works together better than a group of acquaintances.
Put on some summer tunes

Playing music in a communal area can be tricky, as people’s tastes differ. However, here at ITR we’ve found that 90’s dance music tends to go down pretty well – it can lift the mood, and be a great conversation starter for reminiscing previous summers.

Exercise together
A slightly more out-there suggestion, however research has working out with your colleagues can improve office morale. If your building doesn’t have a gym and you’re not feeling a pre-work spin class, you could always try lunch-break yoga or a mid-afternoon dance party.


Encourage lunch-break fun
If your employees get their fix of summer during their lunch break, they’re likely to work harder throughout the rest of their day. Encourage some social down time, such as playing sports or board games together – or anything that gets them outdoors and puts them in a good mood.



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