Date Published: 18th January 2017

World-renowned aerospace company Airbus have announced plans to test a prototype of a flying car by the end of this year.


In a recent technology conference, Airbus’ chief executive Tom Enders unveiled the company’s plans to test a small aieral vehicle before 2017 is out.


Airbus has been working on ‘vertical take-off and landing’ (VTOL) technology that would allow vehicles to pick up passengers in busy urban areas.  The company’s dedicated flying vehicle division, Urban Air Mobility, have been working on such plans for some time, with the long term aim being that passengers would book the vehicle using an app, similar to car-sharing schemes.


Airbus is currently the world’s largest producer of commercial helicopters, which puts the company at an automatic advantage when it comes  breaking into the flying vehicle sector.


However Airbus aren’t the only ones looking to get their flying vehicle business off the ground; two flying car start-ups have received millions in investment from Google founder Larry Page, and Chinese company E-Hang already have their own prototype design. Watch this space.

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