Date Published: 13th February 2018

‘Alexa!’, your very own assistant who you can ask questions and also ask to play music!

However, ‘Amazon’s sudden move into AI chip development suggests they want to make your conversations with Alexa as delay-free as possible.’

‘As first reported by The Information, Amazon plans to create proprietary AI chips and place them in its Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, and every other speaker in their lineup.’

With the current Alexa software, when asked ‘about the weather , she doesn’t know what you’re asking; she just transcribes the words into data and sends that data to the cloud for information.’

But, with the Al chip, Alexa will be able to understand the question you are asking and also the response will be more concise and more clear.

What is Al?

‘Amazon used to rely on Intel and Nvidia for its processor chips (we called Nvidia an “AI and graphics card titan” last year). Now, with Amazon deciding to strike out on its own for Alexa, Nvidia and Intel might be running out of companies to sell their AI chips to: Google, Apple and Samsung all rely on first-party AI chips for their devices.’

However, by using Al chips Amazon are intending to give Alexa a more ‘”human response time”‘.


Do you welcome Alexa’s new ‘human response style’? or do you feel that technology is becoming to human function focused?




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