Date Published: 8th December 2016

Amazon have announced the launch of their first checkout-free store, Amazon Go.

Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ shopping technology means that customers simply enter the store using the Amazon Go app, take the products they want, and leave.



The checkout-less shopping experience is made possible by three types of technology; computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning  – the same types of technology that enables the existence of self-driving cars. Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology automatically detects when a product is taken from or returned to a shelf, add or removes it from a virtual cart accordingly, and sends the customer a receipt after they leave.


The 1,800 square foot store offers a range of products to customers; from groceries essentials to meal kits. The store also has its own professional chefs, cooking a range of breakfasts, lunch and dinner foods.


The store is due to open in early 2017. The bad news? It’s in Seattle. Sorry, UK residents.

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