Date Published: 12th February 2018

It is that time again, where Apple are in the process of releasing a new product!

Apple ARKit, an AR initiative Apple, has the potential to bring augmented reality to the forefront of consumer technology. It will allow developers to create augmented reality apps in minutes and hours compared to weeks and months.’

But there is more…..

‘ if you want to see what the real future of Apple’s augmented reality road map looks like, you’ll need to talk about the long-rumored but not-yet-announced Apple AR Glasses.’

So, the next big question is:

When can I buy this?

Unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer as there is no fixed release date. ‘But rumors point to 2019 unveil, with devices hitting stores in 2020.’

We all know that Apple products do not come cheap and the Apple AR Glasses will be no exception!

Although no price is yet to be revealed, but ‘Based on Snap Spectacles pricing,’ the product could cost you ‘anything from $130/ £105/ AU$170 and upwards – but anything ten times as costly could be possible depending on Apple’s final configuration.’


Is this another Apple product that you will be rushing out to buy?

Let us know your thoughts!



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