Date Published: 7th February 2018

If you are anything like us here in the ITR office, we love Apple products and this product seems like another one we are going to love!

In a recent article by Techradar, it informs us that Apple have patented a pencil that can be used to write on any surface, including air!

It seems that the ‘device will communicate wirelessly with an external sensor, which will be able to track stroke duration, force against a “non-touch-sensitive surface”, three-dimensional motion and orientation, and “plurality” of strokes.’

This product could be brilliant for design aspects and another good product from Apple!

The article by Techradar goes on to mention ‘With this stylus, you wouldn’t need a touchscreen or expensive tablet for digital sketching, writing or designing.’

However, there is one downside.

‘The Apple Pencil currently only works with the iPad Pro, although patents last year led us to speculate that the Pencil 2 will work for the iPhone as well, and release in 2019.’

But a glimmer of hope can be found with the report ‘from the more recent patent’ that ‘the stylus connecting with an iPad, iPhone, Watch and even an iPod.’

Is this a product you will be rushing out to buy?

I am sure the team here would love to try the product out if any testers are required!



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