Date Published: 21st June 2016

When iOS 10 is launched later this year, it’s new features will revolutionise the way you communicate.  The long list of new features include numerous additions to the Messages app, which will change the way you text; for good. Here’s everything you have to look forward to:



Say it loud!Photo: Apple




Message bubbles won’t be boring anymore. You can change how they appear when you want to say something loudly, or whisper it quietly.


The new handwritten messages feature will allow you to make your text conversations that little bit more personal.


Celebrate big events with big animations.Photo: Apple

The updated iMessage will allow you to send celebrations, which will fill up the entire screen so you can be certain they won’t be missed by the recipient. Finally, the digital age’s answer to arguable dated concept of Birthday cards.

Invisible ink

Perfect for surprises!Photo: Apple

It can be said that the new Invisible Ink feature is the most revolutionary feature of Apple’s iOS update. Want to make your message a little less accessible to prying friends and family peering over your shoulder?? With Messages in iOS 10, you can sent text and media in invisible ink,which requires the receiver to swipe over the chat bubble to briefly reveal the content, before it returns to its invisible state.


Forget typing!
Photo: Apple

New iOS will allow you to send one of six quick responses to texts, for those times when you’re just not feeling verbal communication.


Add features to your images and videos, such as fireballs, heartbeats and sketches, to give that some extra impact.

Emoji Replace

It's as easy as that!
Photo: Apple


For the emoji loving iOS 10 users, the new Messages app will let you replace suitable words in your typed text with emoji characters, so you don’t have to go hunting for those little faces yourself.

Much more..

There are other changes and improvements to iOS 10 that will also improve the messaging experience, like support for multilingual typing and contextual predictions. Something to look forward to, for you Apple enthusiasts!

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