Date Published: 30th June 2016

A British teenager has designed a robot that can challenge parking tickets and deduce compensation for delayed flights.

Since it’s launch last year, around 250,000 people have used the free service – which currently works in the UK and in New York in the US.

To date, the ‘Do Not Pay’ bot has been used successfully challenge over 160,000 parking tickets through asking a series of questions which determine the validity of the parking ticket.

In order to use the bot, the user must log in and then work through a series of questions. A chat screen pops up, and the bot asks you a series of questions in order to learn about your case.  Examples of questions include “were you the one driving?” and “was it hard to understand the parking signs?”

After the questions have been answered, the bot then produces an appeal letter, which the user can send to the court. In the event that the bot is confused for whatever reason, it allows the user to contact its creator directly. I

Its creator, Joshua Browder, says he designed the bot after receiving countless parking tickets. The 19 year old Stanford University student says hopes that the bot, and similar bots, could prove useful and provide a public service.

So far, over £3 million in parking tickets have been appealed – great news for drivers, bad news for local authorities.

It took Browder just three months to program the chat bot. The teenager is currently working on another bot, which aims to help Syrian refugees by producing English documents based on Arabic text.

Browder’s latest creations demonstrate the true potential for bots to benefit society. The possibilities for societal benefit are endless!


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