Date Published: 11th May 2017

Is the written CV still useful in today’s job market? Or are there other means to display a persons professional career? It seems that with the introduction of social networks, the CV is being transformed into something more digital. With recruiters and businesses exploring through platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, as well as saving profiles on job boards and websites.

Nowadays, employers are looking for more than just professional experience and what they write down on their CV, but they want to know a persons personality and character of their possible co-worker. They are suggesting that the CV and cover letter duo is too inflexible for a social media focused world, and doesn’t allow a person to fully express themselves.

However, these digital alternatives are simply an evolution of the written CV and not a replacement. There are several straightforward reasons as to why the written CV is here to stay.

Speed – According to research carried out by in 2012, the average time spent reading a CV was just 6.25 seconds. Experienced recruiters and HR staff can make a decision on a CV faster than opening a browser and completing a web search.

Relevance Checking – With some clever programming through job boards and applicant tracking systems, recruiters have the ability to match new jobs with CV’s, due to them being text based, which is something that is not so easily achieved through other media.

Employability – The written CV is the best way to demonstrate employability skills such as, communication and attention to detail. In 2016, Adzuna reported that 3 in 4 CVs contained spelling mistakes, which considering the number of spell checkers that are accessible this suggests that the person may not have spent a sufficient amount of time ensuring its accuracy.

Discrimination – An applicants name or photos can lead to soft discrimination in the recruitment process. Developing ways in which to disguise an applicants name in a CV is a possibility, but we would be unable to disguise a persons appearance in a photo through the digital methods of job application.



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