Date Published: 11th October 2017

“The digital detox is a temporary period of fully disconnecting from all digital devices to focus on social interaction, reduce stress, and be fully present in the world” – Time To Log Off, digital detox movement

It’s no secret that the more technology is developing, our addiction develops along with it. What if I were to tell you that this idea of the digital detox, involving off-the-grid holidays and weekends away in which you can disconnect from the world of tech, is becoming a popular trend? Would you be interested?

We are currently faced with a fairly unbalanced lifestyle, as we are spending more time than ever on our digital devices and not enough time to focus on social interaction and our relationships with others.

Technology is a part of our everyday life now, it would be near enough impossible to give it up completely. In many ways it has definitely made our lives a lot easier, for example using it to connect with friends and family, to keep track of our finances, or to find our way around an unfamiliar city, the thought of parting with it probably causes a lot of people to feel quite uneasy.

But with evidence of an association between the use of tech and mental health problems, a long with the growing addiction to our smart phones and social media, it is probably time we did something about the amount of time we spend using said technology.

The idea behind the digital detox is not to completely wipe technology from a persons life, it is to simply provide people with the opportunity to take a decent break away from it, to be able to reconnect with life outside of technology and truly de-stress without any distractions. By setting some personal boundaries and intentions around the use of technology, this can hopefully teach someone to use it less within their day-to-day lives.

With various retreats all over, would this be a challenge you would be up for?

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