Date Published: 9th November 2017

Self-driving cars are becoming a thing of the future, but not all of them have got off to the best start! A new driverless shuttle bus in Las Vegas ended up crashing into a delivery truck on its first day of service, but does this mean an unlikely future for the self-driving vehicle?


The self-driving bus was taking its initial journey around the Nevada tourist haven when, just a couple of hours in, a truck emerged from a turning and clipped the front bumper of the driverless shuttle.


Thankfully the crash wasn’t serious and no-one was injured, which could have been down to the shuttle bus actually succeeding in doing the job it was built to do. The sensors hit on the truck, identified that the truck was coming and stopped, whereas the delivery truck, that had a human driver operating the vehicle, seemed to cause more of the problem due to not stopping when it should have done.


It is very well designing and testing these self-driving vehicles, but the key is to test them in traffic and see what happens when it’s introduced with moving cars and other variables. Although the shuttle did what it should have done, this hasn’t given people the best first impression of autonomous vehicles.


Advocates argue that there is still a future for self-driving cars. Despite accidents like this, there is strong belief that the cars ability to remove human error will actually improve traffic safety. While the technology is still being perfected, technology companies and auto manufacturers are now under huge pressure to prove self-driving cars are safe and reliable if they want them to become the success they believe they can be.



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