Date Published: 14th September 2016

Professional drone racing will hit British TV screens this week, following a £1 million deal between Sky Sports and the drone racing league.


Television viewers who have access to Sky Sports will be able to watch ten one-hour episodes, on the TV provider’s new Sports Mix channel, starting from this week.


The Drone Racing League uses headsets to give pilots a first-person-view from their drone. Competitors fly custom-designed, handbuilt drones through complex, three-dimensional racecourses; of which example locations include an abandoned power station.


While the current drone racecourses in the League are in America, the Sky Sports UK deal includes a deal with London & Partners to bring the first professional drone race in the UK to an iconic venue in the capital.


Drone racing resembles competitive video gaming, which generated about £600 million in global revenue last year. In the same year, live streams of people playing video games made over £3 billion. While the turnover from such industries evidences the rising popularity of ‘techy’ sports, however UK drone racing fans looking to watch the sport will have to get up early – the races air at 4am on Fridays, starting this week.

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