Date Published: 9th February 2018

Do you live in a broadband not-spot? If so, EE could have the answer you are looking for!

‘Telecoms company EE has revealed plans to sell a 4G antenna that promises to bring fast broadband internet to thousands of homes in rural areas.’

The EE ‘shoebox’ would be a welcomed help for people who are struggling to achieve fast internet speeds through a fixed line.

‘EE’s Simon Till said the “shoebox-size” antenna would let more people access the company’s 4G broadband service.’

However, there is one issue:

‘EE will charge people £100 to have a broadband antenna installed on their home.’

Some people may see this as a small price for faster internet, but others may disagree.

‘Having hit a target of giving 95% of homes access to superfast broadband, the government now has a thornier problem – working out how to connect the remaining 5%. ‘

‘So there will be a welcome for EE’s initiative, which appears to be a solution to delivering the Universal Service Obligation – the right to demand a broadband connection of at least 10Mbps.’

‘But rural broadband campaigners will still need convincing that EE’s 4G home service can deliver acceptable speeds at a reasonable price.’

Should internet speed reflect the price you pay? or Do you expect internet providers to do all they can to improve your internet speed?


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