Date Published: 28th April 2017

Shocking videos have thrust Facebook into the middle of two fast-moving and tragic news stories and have highlighted both the compelling and challenging characteristics of its Facebook Live service.

The social media site have made promises to review the reporting tools that people use to flag videos such as these, as well as its to develop artificial intelligence to try to prevent those videos from spreading, however the two tragedies happening so closely together implies that these changes cannot come soon enough and promises need to be put into action sooner rather than later.

These videos are just two of a growing number of incidents on Facebook Live that point to the social network’s inability to fully control the service. With nearly 2 billion users per month. That’s nearly 2 billion people with the ability to broadcast anything on Facebook for friends to see. With live-streaming like this at such a massive scale, it has been said that it is virtually impossible to police, compared to conventional posts.

Even as Facebook works on better AI and on streamlining the process for people to report graphic videos, there’s still no guarantee something like the Cleveland or Thai killings won’t happen again on the platform.



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