Date Published: 20th April 2017

Virtual Reality and augmented reality technologies dominated technology news in 2016, and 2017 is set to be the same.

So far, much of the commentary has focused on its appeal to gamers. But recent news shows that it could be taking off into other sectors too.

With continuous development in many aspects of technology, including film making and with use through google earth, Facebook is one of the most recent companies to have released its own virtual reality experience, ‘Facebook Spaces’.

Users wearing Facebook’s Oculus Rift headset log on, simply create a cartoon representation of themselves, and sit in a virtual environment with friends or family. There is an obvious resemblance between this and Skype or Facetime, except people are also able to manufacture an artificial version of their life at the same time using the VR.

‘Facebook Spaces’, which was unveiled this week, has caused a divide in opinions. While Facebook itself argues that time spent with friends and family is not always physically possible, others are saying that this will lead to a horribly antisocial future, an issue already associated with social media.



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