Date Published: 5th July 2016

Are you a serial wallet-misplacer? Or an avid fan of Apple Pay? Well you’re in luck; new technologies will soon exist which will allow you to pay using a Selfie, or a ring which lets you pay using Contactless.

The new technologies were presented during London Tech Week, at an event held at the Gherkin in the capital city.

The up-and-coming payment methods are pretty self explanatory; Selfie Pay lets you authorise transactions using your face and the Contactless Ring is essentially the same as a Contactless bank card but worn in ring format.

Selfie Pay works through an app, which requires the user to blink so it knows they’re really there and another individual isn’t trying to fraudulently authorise a transaction. The idea is to get rid of the need for passwords, instead using biometrics: unique data based on individual characteristics like your face, eyes or fingerprint.

The Contactless Ring, known as ‘Kerv’, is simply a contactless card in the form of wearable jewellery.  The ring is made from ceramic and resin, making it waterproof too.

As well as paying with your face or a ring, you could soon also be able to pay with a bracelet; the Nymi band reads the wearer’s unique heart rhythm, found in their electrocardiogram. However, the research team are still working on the security aspect of the technology to prevent fraud.

The new technologies could be used to buy goods, pay for bus or train fares, or even log in to a computer.

Payment tech inventors have been keen to emphasise that there is no need to choose just one of these products; they could be bundled together, so a user might have Selfie Pay, but also the electrocardiogram for additional security.

There’s not too long to wait for the products either; the Kerv ring is due out this month and Selfie Pay comes out in the UK later this year.  However if you have your heart set on the Nymi band, you’ll have to wait a while longer as the tech is still in development.

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