Date Published: 27th April 2017

Creating a collaborative and friendly atmosphere in the workplace could be key to an increased level of creativity and productivity among employees.

The new survey that was carried out by events company Wildgoose, was put in place to find out what it is that motivates members of staff.

The results revealed that 6 in 10 workers value happiness over salary, indicating that the atmosphere within the workplace not only attracts talent but retains it. A setting that allows friendships to flourish could provide invaluable benefits for businesses with over half of the people quizzed saying it makes their time at work more enjoyable, a third saying it makes them more productive and 1 in 5 saying it increased their creativity.

The survey also highlighted the differences in attitudes across various groups and demographics. For example, women were found to be much more likely to prioritise happiness in the work place over how much they were earning, and managers were found to focus their importance on salary, in comparison to entry levels and interns who deemed happiness more important.

With the findings giving businesses a better idea of what motivates their employees according to their hierarchical structure, this then gives them a better idea of where to focus their team building efforts in order to have the biggest impact. Alongside this, the research has highlighted that by understanding what motivates employees could massively help to boost employee engagement.


Friends in the Workplace Survey

Why fostering a friendly office atmosphere unlocks employee potential

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