Date Published: 1st June 2017

As technology further develops over time, job automation has many workers worried that they will lose their job and be replaced by robots. We are now looking at whether robots could be responsible for actually finding you jobs.

Mya Systems, short for My Assistant, is a San-Francisco based start up that has developed an AI recruiter that can evaluate CV’s, conduct applicant screenings and schedule interviews. The experience is similar to a text message conversation in which a candidate will communicate with Mya through their computer or smart phone as she asks typical questions expected in the early stages of an interview process. The robot will then take this information and decide whether or not a potential applicant is a good fit, and will either schedule an in-person interview with the client or suggest other jobs that might be more well suited.

Whilst this process may be positive for finding candidates with the required qualifications, employers are also looking for qualities in their employees that are never listed in the job advertisement, qualities that cannot necessarily be assessed through a robot. These traits go beyond intelligence and communication skills and into those that indicate whether you will be suited for the company and whether you will be a great person to have on the team.

Although the use of a robot could eliminate applicants in the very first stages in terms of skills, it will be missing that consciousness and emotions that humans have in order to connect and identify a persons “soft” skills such as, good verbal communication, effective listening and empathy.



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