Date Published: 26th September 2017

New research carried out by cloud solution webonboarding have uncovered an astounding insight into 4,000 office workers experiences on starting a new role. Over a third of respondents admitted to experiencing some sort of problem during the onboarding process, with UK employees reportedly taking on average a month longer to settle into their new roles. 

Other statistics that have come out of the research:

  • 36% of office workers admitted to not having the basic equipment such as a computer or laptop on their first day.
  • 56% of office workers did not receive full training or have a sufficient induction plan.
  • 22% of respondents said that problems experienced early on in the onboarding process led them to abandon the job before their official start day.
  • 71% of office workers said it would have been easier and quicker to settle into a job if they had had a better onboarding process, and 69% said it would have improved their whole job performance.

This lack of thought and organisation, from unprofessional seeming companies, turns what should be an exciting process, into a bit of a daunting one in which employees are left feeling confused and unstable. When it comes to a new employee’s first day in the office, it’s understandable why they might be nervous. Not only are they trying to impress the boss, but they also have to think about hitting it off with colleagues, finding their way around and remembering everyone’s name. So the aim is to try and reduce the amount of stress for both the hiring manager and the new employee, not create it.

It seems whenever talking about the hiring process, it is always about the employee and never the employer. But if a company want to keep their staff on, it is just as important for them to make a good impression, and this starts from the minute they interview.

Here are seven useful tactics that you, as an employer, can do to make sure your new hire feels like part of the team from day one:

  1. Make contact before the start date – You want to make your new employee feel welcome before they have even stepped through the door. A simple email stating that you and the rest of the team are looking forward to you starting will do the trick and make them feel at ease.
  2. Clear their desk – Ensure that their desk and work area is ready for them by clearing it of anything that may have been left behind by a previous employee, this will make them feel more like it is completely their own. Also be prepared and organised by making sure they have everything that they will need, this will reflect well on you as a company and will mean they can get started sooner.
  3. Give them a welcome pack – It is a good idea to set up a welcome pack for each new employer. Branded items, such as a notebook and pens, means you are identifying them as a part of a company and a member of the team, whilst starter information can include everything they may need to know about the office and their typical workday.
  4. Show them around – The first day at work can be an uncomfortable one if you don’t know your way around the space and have to keep asking your new colleagues questions like how to find the coffee or where the loos are. Taking a new employee on a tour of the office can automatically make them feel at ease.
  5. Assign them a task – Don’t leave your new employee to fend for themselves all day and just sort out their desk. Ease them into their work by setting them a thoughtful, yet not crucial, task. This will allow them to get to grip with the work and the office environment, without too much pressure.
  6. Introduce the team – Try to arrange a casual meeting on a friday, or another low stress day, to provide a snapshot of each persons role and help to break the ice office-wide. Choosing to do it this way rather than via email will provide a much more personal introduction.
  7. Connect outside the office – Add your new employee to any group chats or social media, so they can be involved in any social happenings outside of work time. Arranging a team lunch or night out is also a good idea to celebrate and welcome them into joining the company.




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