Date Published: 21st March 2017

Google have announced they will be axing Captcha, the widely criticized verification method that checks a user is human.



Captcha’s purpose was to tell humans and robots apart. The simple ‘test’ was designed to ensure that the person accessing a website was actually a human – thus ensuring that robots couldn’t be used to send spam or flood a website with requests.


Over time, robots learned to find a way around these tests, making the technology redundant unless it evolved to keep up with the improvements in robotics.


Google says it’s improved Captcha technology is now so clever that it doesn’t even need to interact with humans at all. Instead, it can just tell whether it is dealing with a robot – and if it’s sure it’s dealing with a human, it will allow them access to the required page.


The Captcha system, which many people will be familiar with, works by displaying a little tick box appears that says “I’m not a robot” then the users has to take a little test in order for the next page to load.  Similarly, the evolved No Captcha Re Captcha system works by just asking users to tick a box if they are human.


With the new improvements, humans will no longer have to go through these motions to access secure content; as long as the technology deems them ‘not a robot’, the test won’t appear at all.



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