Date Published: 13th February 2017

Google and fashion retailer H&M have teamed up on a new project, to design customers a custom dress based on their personal data.


The joint venture between H&M’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel and tech giant Google is called “Coded Couture.” Through an mobile app, users can consent to have their activity and lifestyle data monitored by Google’s Awareness API –  to create a custom-made dress that’s ordered through the app.


The data collected includes information such as where the users has traveled, where they go with friends, the type of food they eat, and the weather in their area.


Google says that the choice of material, color, embellishment used, and added details like belt and cuffs are data-driven, as well.


Right now, the app is only available to a handful of style influences but will be available to the general public later this year – with the custom dresses starting at $99.

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