Date Published: 8th November 2017

It is obvious that a well connected team will lead to a smoother running and more productive workplace. Without a sense of unity, a group’s progress will suffer as well as each individual employee’s, so what can we do to improve teamwork within the office?

The following team building tips have been put together to help your team feel more connected and committed to reaching their goals.


Outline Corporate Values and Vision

It is important to help your employees understand how they can fit in within the context of the organisation’s overall strategic plan. Ideally you want to give them more purpose than just giving them a project and making sure it’s done by a certain deadline. Understanding the common goal and sharing this vision among the larger group is what brings a team together as a unit.

Clarify Roles and Set Clear Objectives

Providing clear direction is important in reaching the overall success of a project, and this direction comes from setting defined goals for each individual employee as well as the whole team. The purpose of forming a team is to take advantage of everyone’s individual qualities collectively, so clarifying each persons role within the team is of particular importance. Any ambiguity regarding roles and responsibilities will make it impossible for people to work together effectively.

Encourage Social Events

In order for team members to gain a stronger sense of belonging to a group, holding low pressure, informal social meetups is probably the most effective way, and will give employees the chance to get know each other and form bonds that can be taken back to the office. Companies that are still forcing people to participate in compulsory team building activities are likely to be the companies not working well as a cohesive unit. It has been proven that allowing teams to build organically is much more beneficial.

Reward Excellent Teamwork

Once you have a strong team, it is important to then keep this team motivated. One of the best ways to do this is to offer recognition and rewards for employees achievement and their excellent teamwork. You may find that people are less willing to complete a task or project if they don’t see how it would benefit them directly. Offering praise whenever possible will ensure everyone feels appreciated for their contributions and efforts, whilst creating a more friendly and motivated culture, and in turn, improving teamwork.



Teamwork isn’t something that can be forced, but the above points will definitely help to create a healthy workplace culture that will encourage teamwork to occur naturally. As long as employees are being treated as individuals, communication is being celebrated and everyone has a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities, then you will see positive results in your teams performance. To identify what good teamwork can produce see The benefits of a good team in the workplace.





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