Date Published: 20th September 2017

The popularity of social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter has led to more and more organisations now using them for recruitment purposes.

According to the latest data on recruitment metrics from XpertHR, seven in ten organisations now use social media for their employment, and their survey found that 17.5% plan to use it for this purpose in the future.

At the moment, other methods are still more popular than social media when it comes to attracting candidates, for example, 86.8% look for internal applicants, and around three-quarters of respondents use online job adverts on the corporate website, a general jobs board, or employment agencies.

The main reasons that the employment process has taken a step in the direction of social media is to market the job roles, market the organisation itself, and to screen prospective candidates. It was found that employers would choose to use social media over other more traditional methods, due to the fact that it is simply a much cheaper way of connecting with candidates.

With so many organisations already embracing digital recruitment methods, it is only going to become more popular as the tech world develops. Social media is likely to be used as a platform for other methods, by helping companies to advertise themselves and their available jobs, as well as providing immediate access to things such as online CV’s that will allow candidates to apply for jobs.

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