Date Published: 5th August 2016

This week, innovators at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that they have developed photographs in which still objects can be manipulated, effectively making them interactive.

Creators said the process worked through an algorithm analysing a video of a still object to detect tiny vibrations that determine how it moved.  The technique is called Interactive Dynamic Video, and it lets the user capture the physical behaviour of the objects in the frame, which means they can be manipulated in a virtual space. Potential uses of the technology include creating special effects in video games or films, and improving the realism of augmented reality games – such as Pokémon Go.


The concept of moving photos may sound familiar for any Harry Potter fans; the book and film series coined such a concept – where the people in pictures move about and seem alive. While this technology is in it’s early stages,  it is the closest existing thing to JK Rowling’s magic moving pictures.


This exciting new technology also doesn’t require any special cameras, which means that it could well become the norm in the future of photo and video.

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