Date Published: 24th June 2016

Mini have unrelieved their plan for the next big thing in the car industry. Unsurprisingly in a small package, the ‘Vision Next 100’ is a amalgamation of concepts Mini expects to come to life in the next 100 years. Despite it’s futuristic qualities, a working prototype will in fact be released later this year.

As one might expect (and hope) from a car of the future, the Vision Next 100 looks pretty odd.  As well as looking rather ‘out there’, Mini have also given some serious attention to the concept of personalisation with their futuristic prototype; i.e. creating a relationship between the car and its owner.

We went along to an unveiling of the model and managed to get as close to it as we could without the security guys tackling us to the ground.

What it looks like


Source: Period Is Model Motor
The car looks very much like the iconic mini many of us know and love, but with a series of alterations.  By keeping consistent with the expected small size, Mini have been able to maintain their design legacy, as well as create a car that is perfect for urban driving.

The new model has had the front windscreen brought significantly forward, in order to create more space inside the car.  The Vision Next 100, unlike its predecessors, will greet you, set up the seat for you, and set up the steering wheel for you.

Surprisingly, there aren’t any screens in the car – instead information is projected onto the windscreen. The idea is that the user interface is actually absorbed into the vehicle, which will adjust itself to your personal preferences before you get in.

The car aims to be all-knowing and all-seeing, tailoring everything to your specifications. You will be able to set a colour scheme for its interior, and even tell it your schedule – so it can pick you up.

The Vision Next 100 will also be able to provide you with new experiences and take you to new places; the inclusion on an “Inspire Me” button will give the driver the opportunity to be taken places that other members of the Mini community have recommended.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be the car of the future without some bizarre doors: the new Mini’s doors will slide open to let you in. It’s not quite a flying DeLorean, but pretty cool none the less.


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