Date Published: 28th July 2017

As we are now in full swing of Summer, people are jetting off left, right and centre to enjoy a week or two away on a beach somewhere, no work, no stress and lots of sunshine. I’m guessing that, like most people, this idea of escaping reality for a short while sounds great to you, but the idea of sitting on a plane for hours, cramped among grumpy strangers, fills you with dread?

Thankfully, the recent shift of high-tech jets have been designed to make your journeys a little more comfortable, with the likes of Norwegian, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Qatar Airways and Icelandair all having an input.

Norwegian planes new fresh-air system in their 787 Dreamliner is improving the overall flight experience. Its planes are made from carbon-fibre composite which allows better quality air into the cabin, leaving you feeling fresher faced on arrival.

Virgin Atlantic have also installed electrochromic windows, in other words, adjustable smart glass which can be tinted to block out light. Turn it all the way up and you can doze off in simulated darkness before touching down in daylight, giving a more relaxing alternative to the usual rattling blinds.

For all those long haul flights, a decent film selection is essential to pass the time (in my opinion!). Emirates catalogue has been named the best for 13 years in a row, while Virgin customers get this summer’s blockbusters. Icelandair have also been known to hand out free iPads full of content to keep passengers occupied, though they must be handed back on touchdown.

Then there’s the matter of going online. Planes are no longer internet-free zones, even-though the connection speeds will never be as good as fibre broadband, wifi on planes is still a blessing. Some airlines do charge extra for it, however, but the likes of Emirates, Qatar Airways and Norwegian offer it for free.

Here’s hoping that inflight tech continues to develop even further, making the travelling part of our trips a lot more bearable in terms of comfort and enjoyment.



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