Date Published: 1st August 2016

Are you an employer who finds their employees are lacking motivation? Research has shown that there are several factors that are more important in motivating your employees than their pay cheque.

1 – The opportunity for development
Enabling your employees to improve their skills showing them that they matter to the business, and that there is room for progression within their role.


2. A clear path of progression

Improving your employees skills is important, but this is not much use for them if they can’t use their newfound skills to progress. By showing them they can climb the career ladder in the company, they’re more likely to stay motivated – and stay with your company.


3 – Recognition

Making your employees feel valued is so important – both in the day to day, and when they excel. It will certainly pay dividends in the long run.


4 – Responsibility

By giving your employees responsibility, they are more likely to feel like a vital part of the business. If they feel like the businesses successes are their own and vice versa, they’re much more likely to work hard than if they feel side-lined.


5 – A fun work environment

It’s important that employees have a good work life balance, but you don’t want your employees to be counting the minutes until home time. By providing an enjoyable work environment, you will not only increase morale but you may just help foster friendships and a sense of unity.


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