Date Published: 6th January 2017

Earlier this week, LG unveiled its equivalent to the Amazon Echo and Google Home: The Hub Robot.

Much like its competitors, the Hub Robot will be able to play music and tell its user the weather. However, LG’s home device will also be able to perform tasks like instructing a robot vacuum cleaner to start cleaning, telling the oven to heat up and turning on the washing machine (provided those home devices are compatible).



In order to utilise the device’s full potetial, the buyer will need to own a wi-fi connected vacuum cleaner, oven, washing machine and refrigerator – which obviously comes at a cost. For anyone not wanting to splash out extra money on all those devices, the Hub Robot won’t do much more than its rivals.



For those swayed by aestethics, the Hub Robot does have one advantage over its competitors – its two glowing blue dot ‘eyes’ make the device look like it has an inquisitive little face.


While a spokesperson for LG has said that Hub Robot will compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home, LG have also stated that they are working with their competitors to see how these devices may be able to synchronize with each other – which could bring exciting revelations in the future.


LG have said the device will go on sale later this year.

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