Date Published: 3rd August 2016

If you’re a drone enthusiast, you may look forward to buying or building your next drone or drones. Dutch inventor Bart Jansen has a slightly different approach when it comes to building his own drones.

Jansen has already achieved internet fame from turning his dead cat Orville into a drone, and he now plans to do the same with one of his cows. In a recent interview, Mr Jansen stated that he never knew what his next venture would be, but he would quite like to build a helicopter out of an animal – either one that people can fit inside, or ride on.

Mr Jansen started collecting dead animals in 2007 for a book called the Observer’s Book of Roadkill and began to stuff his discoveries. He took some taxidermy lessons but decided he enjoyed turning the animals into drones more than the actual art of taxidermy. To date, Jansen has turned rats, sharks and ostriches into drones and has even made a badger submarine.

The Dutch creator has teamed up with engineer Arjen Beltman in order to produce his animal drones, which are unsurprisingly difficult to create. It takes weeks to get the animal in the air, with Jansen’s cat drone Orville taking over 12 months to create and having two previous versions created before the finished result was ready to fly.

Jansen and Beltman have already received requests to transform other people’s pets into drones, so if you’re thinking of having your deceased doggy turned into a drone, then Jansen is the man to ask. However, bare in mind that your pet will need to be taxidermied first, and that the end result probably won’t exactly resemble the beloved pet. In the words of Jansen himself; “it’s not going to look like dear old Ralph or much beloved Pebbles. Orville is not the same cat he was when he was alive. He looks very different.”

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