Date Published: 12th February 2018

We all know a mobile phone addict and how much it can take over day to day life.

However, have you thought about how your mobile phone could help you become more organised? may have the answer, by following these few steps you could achieve organisational bliss:


  1. ‘Sort your apps’- We all know that having things in folders allows us to find things quickly. So why do we not do this for our phone! By sorting your apps into relevant folders will not only de-clutter your phone screen but also allow you to find what you are looking for.
  2. ‘Go Grey’- ‘Former Googler Tristan Harris has advocated this method. The design ethicist claims making your iPhone or Android greyscale will help people become less reliant on them. While there doesn’t appear to be any robust scientific evidence behind this, the experience may be a little more relaxing. ‘
  3. ‘Set Do Not Disturb Modes’- Most phones allow you to set your phone to do not disturb. By choosing this, it will allow you to have a mobile disruption free sleep or allow you to concentrate without mobile distractions.
  4. ‘Prepare for bed’- ‘Bright blue light from screens right before bed is said to be harmful to your health. Both Android and iOS have options that are kinder to your eyes at certain times. On iOS, Night Shift alters the colour of your screen to be warmer and you can set the times it happens at. It can be found in your phone’s settings. And on Android, a similar night mode feature can be enabled through the phone’s settings.’


What tips do you have to help you achieve mobile organisation?




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