Date Published: 30th November 2017

The CV: Done wrong and you could lose all chances of even getting a response, done right and you are giving yourself a real head start in the employment process.

It is surprising how many people don’t concentrate more of their efforts on writing their CV, after all it is the first thing that recruiters and employers will see and base their opinion on. Fortunately, most CV mistakes are relatively easy to fix and with just a little bit of extra care and attention to detail, your chances of reaching the interview stage could increase dramatically.

First impressions are everything, and if you want to give yourself the opportunity to impress further in person, look out for these following points to avoid:

Bad spelling and grammar

The simplest yet most annoying mistake you could make on your CV which just makes you look lazy and careless to employers. It is important to always triple check your CV for errors or even get another trusted individual to check through it as well, as this will show attention to detail.

Not personalising it to the job you are applying

If you do not take the time to tailor your CV to suit the job in which you are applying for, then unfortunately you risk it getting ignored and rejected. Employers want to see how your past experience is going to assist you in this particular role, and it will show that you have thoroughly read and understood the job spec.

Coming across robotic

Think about how your CV reads to other people. Presenting a bland corporate CV will fail to come across interesting and give the employer absolutely no indication as to who you are. It is not only about having the right skills, employers want to see diversity and individuality as well.

Not defining your achievements

There is no point just listing what skills and attributes with no examples or evidence of how you have used them in the past, as it doesn’t really mean anything. Demonstrate your expertise in action as well as results you have achieved, this will offer authenticity and give more to discuss in an interview.

Cramming it with too much information 

Keep it simple. Employers and recruiters will not have time to read paragraphs and paragraphs of writing, they want to be able to pick out key points and focus on them. A CV that looks long and wordy will just put them off even bothering to read it. Use bullet points, focus on achievements and those points relevant to the job in question, and try to stick to just 2 pages.

Poor formatting

You should be focusing your CV on its readability. For example, if you present your CV looking messy, out of line and in different font types and sizes, it is just going to make it difficult read which will either put employers off altogether or make them miss something important.



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