Date Published: 5th May 2017

Car manufacturer, Nissan, have developed a compartment within your car that blocks phone signals, including all mobile, Bluetooth and WiFi signals.

With mobile technology advancing significantly, more and more people are becoming addicted to using their phones. Unfortunately this has led to a serious problem in road safety. The use of a hand-held phone when driving represents both a physical and mental distraction and has been illegal since 2003.

Despite this law being put in place, it has not been enough to prevent accidents happening. The Department for Transport have figures that show 22 people were killed and 99 seriously injured on Britain’s roads in 2015, all of which where the motorist was using a mobile.

Nissan says the prototype Signal Shield, built into the arm rest of its Juke crossover vehicle, works on the principle of the Faraday cage – invented in the 1830s – which uses material such as a wire mesh to shield its contents from electromagnetic fields.

For some drivers, the ability to ignore their phone whilst driving is a struggle, especially with the pushed number of communications including phone calls, SMS, social media and app alerts. This new concept gives drivers the option to remove all smartphone distractions completely.

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