Date Published: 9th February 2018

What are yours?

If you work in, or have worked in an office environment then you will sympathise with others that do!

Apparently, in every office there are a variety of things that get on our nerves!

Recruitment Grapevine have complied a list of top 10 office annoyances.

  1. Unattractive smells’
  2. ‘Dirty desks’
  3. Talking too much’
  4. Not making the tea
  5. Slack timekeeping’
  6. Coughing and sneezing’
  7. Personal phone calls¬†‘
  8. Breaking boundaries’
  9. Being distracting’
  10. Lunch thieves’


This got us thinking about our office and I must admit we do not really have any office annoyances.

However, this list of annoyances can be easily fixed. Just make sure that your desks are clean, you arrive on time, make cups of tea and also only eat your only lunch!

Do you have any office annoyances that are not listed? Or like us does your office not have any?


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