Date Published: 18th August 2016

For working parents, the worry of missing out on significant moments in their child’s life while they’re at work is a major issue.
A growing number of tech entrepreneurs believe they have an answer, with parenting apps that allow parents to be involved with their little one’s day-to-day antics while they themselves are out at work.




One such example is Mytoddlr, an app that gives you updates on what your little one is up to at nursery or creche.


Co-founder and chief executive Molawa Adesuyi believes that such tech is invaluable. Parents whose children attend all-day nurseries have no way of monitoring their childrens daily progress or wellbeing, yet with this app they are now able to. Using the app, nurseries input data about the child’s routine and behaviour throughout the day via website, which parents then receive updates on in real time on their phones or computers.


While some may feel this causes extra admin for nursery staff, Adesuyi claims otherwise, stating that it can actually reduce paperwork and provide an easier, faster way of communicating with parents.


Launched in 2015, Mytoddlr is being used by 2,000 parents in Lagos, Nigeria, and is currently being trialled by some nurseries in London.


My Child


Another such app in My Child, created by 19-year old Harsh Songra.  My Child app helps parents monitor the development of a child up to the age of 2, asking questions, aggregating relevant content, and identifying local experts to help with any potential problems.


Songra says his inspiration behind the app came from his own childhood, as he had dyspraxia; a developmental disorder affecting co-ordination and movement which an be difficult to diagnose if parents don’t know what to look out for.


It took Songra’s parents over 9 years to identify the symptoms, and the app’s founder wants to prevent this being an issue for other families.


Launched in early 2015, My Child has been downloaded more than 11,000 times in over 140 countries, and is particularly popular in the US, India, Singapore and the UK.




A slightly different type of parenting tech app comes from New Jersey-based entrepreneur Amit Murumkar. Canvsly allows a parents to digitise their children’s artwork via an app, then organise these masterpieces into albums, which can then be shared with other family members.


The art work can be made into gifts if desired, and also be printed; which could save parents a whole load of clutter and the problem of losing their little one’s favourite drawing.


Parenting apps – from webcam baby monitors to location-tracking services, interactive games to health checkers – are definitely on the rise, as busy parents integrate the latest tech into their lives.
Analysts state that parenting apps are on the rise, as busy parents can easily integrate the latest tech into their daily lives. Such apps also help parents raise and interact with their children in new and exciting ways.


As smartphones become cheaper and internet access becomes more readily available in developing countries, researchers believe that parenting techs could become the future of modern parenting.

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