Date Published: 28th September 2017

“Far from the recent Armageddon headlines, despite the development of Artificial intelligence, big data, automation and robotics, people will continue to have an intrinsic role to play in business success.” – Tim Morton, Director at INTOO UK and Ireland, a talent management business.

INTOO carried out a recent survey of 1000 UK managers and employees and discovered that 75% of organisations are prioritising investment in technology, yet only 45% are helping to develop the skills their employees need along with this growth.

The research also found that 84% of UK workers confidently believe that, despite new technology, their role will continue to be carried out by people but 58% of managers believe that new skills will need to be developed in order to adapt. However, less than half of UK businesses are actually investing in this needed development.

There has been a decline in the value of role-specific skills, adaptability is now seen as the most important skill for future success. If organisations haven’t already started preparing their employees for change, then the sooner they start the better. With technologies moving at a rapid pace, it is important for businesses to be well equipped to embrace it rather than resist it. Soft skills such as adaptability, resilience and learnability have always been important, but they will come in a lot more useful over the next few years.

As much as companies want to invest in new technology that will help propel their business forward, they must think about getting the balance right as without the right skills they will not get the most out of it.



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