Date Published: 6th October 2016

Customers at Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest will soon have the option of talking to a virtual chat-bot for assistance.


Web-based chat-bot Luvo will be able to answer simple queries from customers, such as how to order a replacement card.


The virtual agent is able to understand and learn from human interactions, and may eventually learn to change it’s tone in response to a customer’s perceived mood.


The service will be introduced in December, initially to RBS and NatWest customers,.


For those who would rather speak to a human, do not fear; the chat-bot service is complementary to existing customer service agents.


Head of Personal Banking, Jane Howard, has stated that Luvo will simply free advisers from spending time on simple, easily-addressed queries so that they can focus on helping customers who have more complex issues.


For those whose queries to lead them to a conversation with the chat-bot, the bank will make it clear to customers that they are talking to a bot, and they will have the option to move the conversation to a human agent at any point.

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