Date Published: 14th February 2018

The Winter Olympics- one of my favourite sporting events!

But, Techradar have reported on a new take on Winter Sports……..

‘ Edge of Robot: Ski Robot Challenge’

‘Just a short drive away from PyeongChang, the site for the 2018 Winter Olympics, the Welli Hilli ski resort held the Edge of Robot: Ski Robot Challenge, where Korean students and tech organizations competed for a $10,000 prize to see whose robot could navigate a simple alpine skiing challenge the fastest.’

Before you get concerned that Robots will be better than us on the slopes, it may be worth knowing that most of the Robots did crash.

‘The tournament required that robots have two legs and stand over 50 cm tall, with joints at the elbows and knees and an independent power source, according to Reuters.’

Would you tune in to watch Robot skiers?




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