Date Published: 15th February 2018

Smartwatches seem to be the go to tech and have replaced standard watches.

Samsung may one day have a product that will top the rest.

‘Monitoring your blood pressure is usually a troublesome task involving a heavy cuff that squeezes your arm to check your levels, but it looks like a future smartwatch from Samsung may be able to measure it more easily.’

But do not worry, it will not be a similar experience to when  you have your blood pressure measured normally.

The Samsung Watch ‘will use a light source and light receiver to monitor your bloodstream in a similar way to a heart rate tracker.’

‘This has all been detailed in a patent filed by Samsung for an upcoming watch, but there’s currently no specific details on if it’ll feature in a watch, or if this is just tech the company is experimenting with.’

Now unfortunately, this is just a patent and therefore is currently not able to purchase.

But, is this a product that you would buy?

Do you think it would help people monitor their blood pressure?



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