Date Published: 5th June 2017

Lack of self-confidence is something that almost everyone has suffered from at some time, if not regularly. It can cause a person to miss out on many opportunities, leaving them less happy and satisfied with their daily work achievements.

Success in the office can be harder to come by for people who lack confidence. Insecure workers often find themselves passed over in favour of more self-assured colleagues. Fortunately, it is an issue that can be overcome and learnt. By simply following a number of actions, you will be able to build your self-confidence and retain it, allowing you to achieve the success you deserve within the workplace.

  1. Prepare and practice – Your lack of self-confidence stems from whether or not you know what you’re doing. It will receive a huge boost if you do your homework and are appropriately prepared for events or presentations.
  2. Express yourself confidently (be a good actor) – In effect, you must fake confidence in order to eventually achieve it. For example, alter your body language in order to appear more engaged, ready and committed; sit or stand upright, give direct eye contact, use open gestures and shake hands firmly. Also make sure when in discussion that you speak with a deliberate voice without mumbling or speaking too fast so that what you are saying isn’t unclear.
  3. Promote positive self-talk – You are your worst critic, the more negative thoughts you accumulate about yourself then the more likely it is that you will become these thoughts. Accept failure and value criticism and you can create a self fulfilling prophecy.
  4. Don’t let other peoples opinions control you – Your opinion of yourself is far more important that what others think, listen to what people have to say, learn lessons and follow advice where necessary but if there is nothing to learn then move on otherwise you are giving control of yourself to others.
  5. Avoid toxic people – Likewise, avoid people who are constantly critical of you and put you down, they are adding no value to your development.
  6. Do something risky – Step out of your comfort zone and do something that you wouldn’t typically do. This will help you to realise your abilities and help you to progress further, especially when change is happening.

Self-confidence works as a cycle, the more self-confident you feel, the more you are likely to experience success which will in turn give you more self-confidence, making it a huge factor in your career development.



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