Date Published: 14th December 2015

The tool LinkedIn Recruiter, purchased today by industry leaders and recruiting organizations nationwide, has changed the way talent is searched for and found on LinkedIn.

Below are eight easy ways to give your profile its best chance at being found:

#1 Searchability by Name

If your first name is oddly spelled it can hurt your chances of being found on LinkedIn. Increase your chances of being found by including the traditional spelling in parenthesis after your name [example: Jon (John) Smith].

#2 Searchability by Location

Live 50 miles outside of Washington, D.C. but willing to commute? Recruiters often begin their searches by screening candidates that live within a 25 mile radius of the job location.

Increase your searchability by selecting a zip code on LinkedIn that falls within 25 miles of downtown D.C.

#3 Searchability by Company Name

Sometimes recruiters want someone with experience at a specific company. Be sure to use your company’s most well known name to ensure maximum searchabiity.

For instance – if you worked for the Endicon division of Johnson & Johnson make sure to list “Johnson & Johnson” along with “Endicon.”

#4 Searchability by Settings

Your privacy settings play a big part in helping (or hurting!) your chances of being readily found by recruiters. Designating your account as an Open Profile ensures you can receive free InMails and that your full profile can be seen by recruiters (and others as well).

#5 500+ Connections – it’s a Numbers Game

Expanding your connections is the single greatest way to maximize the power of LinkedIn’s network that today stands at 400 million accounts with two new users joining EVERY SECOND!

Maximize your ability to acquire a huge second and third-degree connection network by 1) ensuring you have at least 500 connections and 2) targeting those with a large roster of connections themselves.

#6 Summary Skills Placement is Key

Unless yours is an Open Profile a LinkedIn Recruiter user can only view the top part of your summary along with your headline, name and education.

Overcome this challenge by including a list of skills/keywords within the first 50 characters of your summary section.

#7 Make Sure You Can Be Contacted

Place your name and best ways to contact you (email, cell) within the first 100 characters of the summary if you choose not to have an Open Profile.

This ensures a recruiter can get in touch with you when your account is not fully visible to all. Also be sure to check “Contact for Career Opportunities.”

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