Date Published: 15th August 2017

Many employees, particularly those working in an office environment, will find themselves sitting down for the majority of the day with very little movement, except to get up and maybe make a cup of coffee or go to the toilet. Having such a vast amount of inactivity daily is known to be having a significantly negative effect on our health, but how are we supposed to avoid this when working in an office?

Sit-stand desks are the healthier alternative that are now being introduced to benefit employees around the world, with over 90% of office workers already using them across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Sitting down for a large portion of the day can contribute to various health issues including cardiovascular problems and diabetes, however saying that standing for long periods of time also comes with its own set of risks such as, damaged joints, hip and back problems, orthopaedic foot problems and swelling of the legs.

Using a sit-stand desk provides employees with the flexibility and choice of how long they sit or stand for, due to the mechanisms ability to adjust the height of the desktop. The use of an anti-fatigue mat can also help cushion and support whilst standing, as well as encourage regular foot movement which delays the onset of pain and tiredness that many workers may feel when standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

The sit-stand desks take up the same amount of room as an ordinary desk and can easily be added to an office. They give the employer an opportunity to encourage better working habits and improve their employees’ health in the long run. Given the enormous cost of work-related illness, this is a welcome development for employees and employers alike and it is a wonder why more companies haven’t followed on with this new trend.



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